PhD Thesis - Data Structures and Algorithms for Data-Parallel Computing in a Managed Runtime

Aleksandar Prokopec


The data-parallel programming model fits nicely with the existing declarative-style bulk operations that augment collection libraries in many languages today. Data collection operations like reduction, filtering or mapping can be executed by a single processor or many processors at once. However, there are multiple challenges to overcome when parallelizing collection operations.

First, it is challenging to construct a collection in parallel by multiple processors. Traditionally, collections are backed by data structures with thread-safe variants of their update operations. Such data structures are called concurrent data structures. Their update operations require interprocessor synchronization and are generally slower than the corresponding single-threaded update operations. Synchronization costs can easily invalidate performance gains from parallelizing bulk operations such as mapping or filtering. This thesis presents a parallel collection framework with a range of data structures that reduce the need for interprocessor synchronization, effectively boosting data-parallel operation performance. The parallel collection framework is implemented in Scala, but the techniques in this thesis can be applied to other managed runtimes.

Second, most concurrent data structures can only be traversed in the absence of concurrent modifications. We say that such concurrent data structures are quiescently consistent. The task of ensuring quiescence falls on the programmer. This thesis presents a novel, lock-free, scalable concurrent data structure called a Ctrie, which supports a linearizable, lock-free, constant-time snapshot operation. The Ctrie snapshot operation is used to parallelize Ctrie operations without the need for quiescence. We show how the linearizable, lock-free, constant-time snapshot operation can be applied to different concurrent, lock-free tree-like data structures.

Finally, efficiently assigning parts of the computation to different processors, or scheduling, is not trivial. Although most computer systems have several identical CPUs, memory hiearchies, cache-coherence protocols and interference with concurrent processes influence the effective speed of a CPU. Moreover, some data-parallel operations inherently require more work for some elements of the collection than others – we say that no data-parallel operation has a uniform workload in practice. This thesis presents a novel technique for parallelizing highly irregular computation workloads, called the work-stealing tree scheduling. We show that the work-stealing tree scheduler outperforms other schedulers when parallelizing highly irregular workloads, and retains optimal performance when parallelizing more uniform workloads.

Concurrent algorithms and data structure operations in this thesis are linearizable and lock-free. We present pseudocode with detailed correctness proofs for concurrent data structures and algorithms in this thesis, validating their correctness, identifying linearization points and showing their lock-freedom.

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