Renaissance -- Benchmarking Suite for Parallel Applications on the JVM

Aleksandar Prokopec, Andrea Rosà, David Leopoldseder, Gilles Duboscq, Petr Tůma, Martin Studener, Lubomir Bulej, Yudi Zheng, Alex Villazón, Doug Simon, Thomas Wuerthinger, Walter Binder
PLDI 2019


Established benchmark suites for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), such as DaCapo, ScalaBench, and SPECjvm2008, lack workloads that take advantage of the parallel programming abstractions and concurrency primitives offered by the JVM and the Java Class Library. However, such workloads are fundamental for understanding the way in which modern applications and data-processing frameworks use the JVM’s concurrency features, and for validating new just-in-time (JIT) compiler optimizations that enable more efficient execution of such workloads. We present Renaissance, a new benchmark suite composed of modern, real-world, concurrent, and object-oriented workloads that exercise various concurrency primitives of the JVM. We show that the use of concurrency primitives in these workloads reveals optimization opportunities that were not visible with the existing workloads.

We use Renaissance to compare performance of two state-of-the-art, production-quality JIT compilers (HotSpot C2 and Graal), and show that the performance differences are more significant than on existing suites such as DaCapo and SPECjvm2008. We also use Renaissance to expose four new compiler optimizations, and we analyze the behavior of several existing ones. Evaluating these optimizations using four benchmark suites shows a more prominent impact on the Renaissance workloads than on those of other suites.

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