Bought Sublime Text 3 License

Today I bought the license for Sublime Text 3. For those not using the Sublime Text editor, here is its website and a preview. In short, it’s a powerful and, in the same time, lightweight text editor that supports a variety of programming languages and text formats, fast file selection, fast search within current file, within all files, a completion-based command-palette to quickly access various commands and options, a Python-based plugin system, a variety of different plugins (like editing over SSH, Git support, LaTeX support, variety of different color schemes, even a GDB interface), a macro system for defining new commands and much more.

Its design is minimalistic, but much of the effort has been put into making coding in it simple and practical. The plugin system allows you to relatively easily add anything that’s missing – with my scarce knowledge of Python it didn’t take me long to code a custom plugin for viewing Java class files. Plugin installation is particularly simple – the registered plugins are accessible through the Install package command and are downloaded from GitHub directly.

Most importantly, Sublime Text feels fast. And it is fast. Startup time almost does not exist and I’ve never observed any lags or slowdowns while coding.

I’ve been using this editor for the past 6 months and I can only say that it’s worth the 70 dollars I’ve just payed. Hope it stays that way.

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